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Competence management


Eskilstuna Strängnäs Energi & Miljö (ESEM) is an operating company with sustainable products and solutions in the energy sector. They contribute with great benefit and low environmental impact for the residents and companies in Eskilstuna and Strängnäs. ESEM offers electricity, recycling and water.

Today, ESEM has over 600 employees and a turnover of 1.5 billion. The organisation’s core values are: close, courageous, fair and reliable – which form an important basis for the business.


Competence management aims to constantly ensure the right competencies for the objectives of the business and to meet its needs in the short and long term. The aim of this project was to take a holistic approach to ESEM’s competence management, to develop a mutual strategy and a way of working for competence management throughout the organisation. As well as to develop the basis for the Employer Value Proposition (EVP).


Solutions & Results

In order to develop a strategy based on ESEM’s business needs, we started by mapping existing processes in the organisation and interviewing managers at all levels to get a current status. We then went on to identify the desired state of the various elements of the skills supply.


The mapping included identification of current approaches of competence management and how different business areas of the organisation work. We also mapped activities that strengthen ESEM’s ability to ensure that the business has access to the right people with the right skills in the short and long term.


In order to concretise the strategy, one of the project’s objectives was also to develop a methodology on how ESEM will concretely work with the different elements of competence management – and create a toolkit for managers throughout the organisation.


The process of developing the competence management strategy was carried out in a number of stages:

  1. Mapping of existing processes in the organisation
  2. Structured interviews with selected managers and employees
  3. Survey to capture employee experiences
  4. Workshops with the management team
  5. Workshops with HR, internal communication and marketing communication
  6. Production and development of toolbox


Following these steps and analysis, the work resulted in a competence management strategy, a methodology for developing local plans and a toolkit for managers – including tools for development interviews, an annual wheel for managers and a methodology for working on competence management in management teams. The basis for the EVP was also developed during the process.


“Responsiveness, competence and experience! We can give the best recommendations to the team at Sweden HR group as they always delivered on time and with quality. Thank you!”

Anna Linder, HR Director, Eskilstuna Strängnäs Energi & Miljö

What does Anna Linder, HR Director, ESEM, think about our collaboration?

Why did you choose Sweden HR group?

One of ESEM’s HR developers attended a training course where Kristina Mörk from Sweden HR group was the speaker. She was immediately struck by Kristina’s teaching skills and the way she made HR business-driven.


What are you most satisfied with?

The cooperation with Sweden HR group. The experience we get from the cooperation and the ability to listen to us where we are in our development.


What results have we created/contributed to at your company?

At ESEM, we now have a framework for our competence management work and a competence management strategy that is well anchored in the management.


If you were to recommend Sweden HR group – what would you say?

Responsiveness, competence and experience! We can give the best recommendations to the team at Sweden HR group as they always delivered on time and with quality. Thank you!

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