Organizational development projects

Strategic leadership supply


Together with the HR teams from all the companies in the business group, we created a structured process to identify employees with leadership potential.

The process responds to when you do what, how leader judgment is done and how managers should act. The actual tools make it easier to assess the potential, performance and capacity of individual employees. This creates a clear organizational overview, reduces the risk of subjective judgments and strengthens common values.

A long-term job

Finding the right employees for the right tasks can be difficult. It is even more difficult to identify who is ready to move up today, or in a few years.

Our collaboration with LRF shows the importance of securing the growth of future leaders internally. Where competence and ability is already available so not to loose time and money in recruitment processes. This is a good example of working with strategic talent supply in the long term.

LRF is a large organization within the green industry, a business group with parent company and many subsidiaries in different business sectors. With a complex organizational form, the need for structured Talent Management processes is evident. We developed the model and the tools for the business group’s strategic leader supply.


“We needed to secure our Talent Management process to become an even more attractive employer.”

Annica Bjurfors, HR Director LRF

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