Organizational development project

A HR strategy for new business objectives.


In connection with Martin & Servera developing a new business plan, they wanted to switch up and professionalize the HR function. In order to arrive at a new operational plan and strategy for HR, intensive work was required to translate the new business plan into a relevant HR offering.


A living strategy

The result was a major change, and the end product a strategy based on the company’s business plan, including methods and tools for goal management of the HR function. We created an HR strategic plan based on Martin & Servera’s goals and strategy, a document and a goal-oriented roadmap that is still alive and updated year after year.


To link HR to the business plan

We started with the business and gathered management and HR groups at all levels to answer the questions: Where is the company headed, what areas and market shares are prioritized and what does it mean for the HR function? If we clearly define the company’s goals and business challenges, what services does the HR function need to sell for the organization to achieve its goals?

Martin & Servera is Sweden’s leading restaurant and catering specialist with several thousand employees.


”In an update of the company’s HR function, Sweden HR Group helped create a completely new HR strategy linked to the company’s new business plan.””

Maria Branestam, HR director

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