An employer branding strategy for the future.


Together with the CEO and management, we took part in the business and operational plan to, among other things, understand what skills and what corporate culture is required for the company to achieve its goals.

We initiated cultural change work with the CEO and management team by defining desirable behaviors “how we do things here” to achieve goals and vision. We implemented it through interactive exercises and activities with all employees and ensured measurability to avoid arbitrary performance assessments.

At the same time, we identified what competencies and characteristics the company needed in the long term (so-called target groups) and conducted thorough target group analyzes to find out what the target group is attracted to by in an employer. We conducted workshops internally to develop Lemontree’s genuine strengths as an employer and the result was an employer offer that was honest, relevant and competitive and an activity plan for Lemontree to work with henceforth.

The entire project is measurable through relevant indicators linked to the business strategy. The results show substantial impact and an implemented roadmap that engages all employees. The assignement then continued through a HR manager hired from us, with responsibility for Employer Branding, recruitment, introduction programs and activities.

Lemontree supplies IT solutions for digitized information management. They are industry leaders in their niche; test automation, and has around 50 employees in Sweden and Norway. In order to maintain its position on the market, it was identified as business-critical to work strategically to develop its employees and attract new talent.

“Sweden HR Group has provided us with long-term useful tools that simplify our everyday lives.”

Petra Förnell,CEO

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