Organisational development project


Future Media Group (FMG) was founded in 2013 and has since then worked closely with several of Sweden’s and Norway’s largest publishers and media companies. Their core expertise lies in marketing, media, content, concepts, and events. They specialise in creating promotional products that can easily be integrated into existing product or service. In recent years, the major focus has been on developing new digital products and media solutions.


FMG has been working hard on their company culture and was now faced with the challenge of strengthening its Employer Brand. Their goal was to become an even better employer and attract new colleagues. To do that they not only needed to focus on the existing culture, but also look at what they could do to become even better, both as an employer and as a place to work. They also wanted to understand how they could attract new employees through various activities.

In order to find a clear plan on how to strengthen the Employer Brand, FMG needed expertise in organisational development and hired Sweden HR group to help with structure, process, and implementation.

Solutions & Results

Sweden HR group has helped FMG to strengthen their Employer Brand and has develop strategies on how to attract the right competences to their company.

Sweden HR group has led and implemented…

  • Alignment of the company’s strategic initiatives with the management team.
  • Identified the competencies needed to achieve the strategic goals, together with a project group consisting of Norway CEO, Group CEO, Marketing Manager and HR Manager.
  • Developed an Employer Value Proposition (EVP) – through surveys and workshops with employees.
  • Ensured that the EVP is true, relevant, attractive and distinctive, together with employees.
  • Developed employee stories from everyday life that amplifies the EVP.
  • Identified Employer Branding activities together with employees, with the goal to achieve the objectives: to become an even better employer and to attract new employees.


“Sweden HR group has contributed with very good results. We have now a clear direction on how to work and what to do to achieve our goals. Form of our EVP and the associated stories we have laid the groundwork for all our communications, and we have identified many employer branding activities that we will carry out. We are already up and running and are working with this right now.”

Stina Herrlin, Head of Studio, Future Media Group (FMG)

What does Linus Wennerström, CEO of FMG, and Stina Herrlin, Head of Studio, think about our collaboration?


Why did you choose Sweden HR group?

Linus: We have been working with Sweden HR group for several years, and they have successfully assisted us in other culture-related projects, such as the development and launch of values and mottos.


Stina: We contacted Sweden HR group because we have worked with them before and are very satisfied. It is very good to use an external party who has an objective view of us as company and can challenge and contribute with expertise. That was positive and important for us!


Are you satisfied with the delivery on an overall level?

Linus: Yes, we have a better understanding of the strengths that our employees see in us as an employer today and ideas on how to capitalise on these. We also gained valuable information about what the improvement points/”blindspots” were, which allowed us to launch new initiatives that led to increased employee satisfaction.


Stina: We are satisfied with the delivery – and the cooperation has worked very well!


What results have we created for you?

Linus: I feel that we received an objective and honest external perspective on our EVP, and clear, concrete suggestions on actions we could take to strengthen it.


Stina: Sweden HR group has contributed with very good results. We have now a clear direction on where to work and what to do to achieve our goals. We have laid the groundwork for all our communications in the form of our EVP and associated stories, as well as identified many employer branding activities that we will carry out. We are already up and running and working on this now.


Employees have been involved in various workshops and have come back from these with a lot of energy. We are very proud of our culture and it’s great to see that our employees are also experiencing what we believed and hoped for.


If you were to recommend Sweden HR group – what would you say?

Linus: Professional, responsive and multifaceted. We have received very good support and results in all projects and ongoing assignments where we have worked with Sweden HR group.


Stina: We would recommend Sweden HR group! Primarily, because you get help from experts and they bring an objective perspective to projects like this. Further, they are easy to work with, approachable and keep the pace throughout the project.

Are you in need of HR-related support?

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