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Engelska Skolan Norr was founded in 1993 as the first independent school in Sweden offering a bilingual course of study, within the framework of the Swedish curriculum, where half of all classes are given in English. In recent years, the number of such schools has grown and Engelska Skolor och Förskolor i Sverige currently manages three schools and four pre-schools. At present, the group has around 250 employees in seven locations, some 18 of whom are managers with staff responsibilities. The school and pre-school group operates based on the idea that cultural mixing enriches and that a quality education generates excellent results. A good education is simply a good investment in the future.



Engelska Skolor och Förskolor i Sverige grew rapidly over a short space of time and needed to ensure that it is offering high-quality education while at the same time fostering a strong sense of community and belonging among existing leaders and employees throughout the entire organisation, as well as among future colleagues.


Solutions & Results

When companies and organisations experience rapid growth, for example as a result of acquisitions, a consensus must quickly be reached on matters such as values and keywords. Therefore, Sweden HR group focused on the organisational culture, conducting internal Employer Value Proposition (EVP) processes and updating and clarifying the group’s values and keywords. Both of these tasks aimed to give new employees better understanding and insight with regard to what the education group stands for and wants to achieve, and to emphasise and reinforce pride among existing employees.

Initially, Sweden HR group worked closely with the management team and individual managers, before facilitating and driving the important and crucial work of involving all employees.


“When we choose to work with Sweden HR group, we know that they will provide professional support on HR matters. It is valuable to receive input from a knowledgeable outsider perspective and a non-industry related perspective.”

Dominique Roosen, CEO of Engelska Skolor och Förskolor i Sverige

What does Dominique Roosen, CEO of English schools and preschools in Sweden, think about our collaboration?

Are you satisfied with the delivery overall?
We are very satisfied with the entire process. The treatment we received was professional and friendly.

What are you most satisfied with?/Is there anything we could do better?
We were particularly appreciative of the way in which you listened carefully and adapted the set-up based on our needs and circumstances, even though things were a little challenging during the pandemic and with summer holidays thrown in the middle.

How are things different now compared to before the collaboration?
We have become more aware of the importance of having a shared compass that is based on our keywords.

What results have we created/contributed to within your organisation?
The thorough development of keywords together with the management team and the entire employee group has enabled us to create a shared foundation that we can continue to build on going forward.

If you were to recommend Sweden HR group, what would you say?
We know that when we choose to work with you, you will provide professional support on HR matters. It is valuable to receive input from a knowledgeable outsider perspective and a non-industry related perspective.

Are you in need of HR-related support?

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