Extended HR-team


Mentimeter is a collaborative and interactive platform that makes presentations, meetings, and lectures engaging and participatory instead of just passive. The company was founded in Stockholm in 2014 with the vision of shifting the culture of presentations, lectures, and meetings for companies and training away from one-sided monologue to inclusive listening. The platform gives participants the opportunity to make their voices heard. Mentimeter has grown organically into a successful global market leader with more than 100 million users around the world. Its primary driving force and success factor is significant user involvement – Mentimeter has an NPS score of 75+!

Mentimeter currently has more than 200 employees, more than 46% of whom were born outside Sweden, representing a total of 40 different nationalities. The company is value-driven and puts emphasis on inclusion and diversity.



In connection with rapid growth, Mentimeter’s VP of People, Anna Gullstrand, wanted to bolster the existing People & Culture team with external HR resources and skills in order to provide additional managerial support during a high-tempo phase in almost all areas of HR.


Solutions & Results

Sweden HR group serves as an “extended HR team” for Mentimeter’s existing in-house team. The solution enables Mentimeter to flexibly cater to the needs of the business. Sweden HR group offers a wide variety of skills, in-depth specialist knowledge, and the capacity to deliver by tight deadlines. Sweden HR group has appointed a go-to person who is responsible for coordinating Sweden HR group’s internal HR team, making the process both easy and scalable for Mentimeter over time. Sweden HR group’s HR team is available to Mentimeter’s managers for all personnel matters and, depending on the nature of the issue, we can quickly provide the appropriate skills.


“We were looking for HR experts with broad and in-depth experience who could handle everything from strategic issues to specific situations. We found this in Sweden HR group!”

What does Anna Guldstrand, VP of People at Mentimeter

What does Anna Guldstrand, VP of People at Mentimeter, think about our collaboration?

Why did you choose Sweden HR group?
We were looking for HR experts with broad and in-depth experience who could handle everything from strategic issues to specific situations. We found this in Sweden HR group!

Are you satisfied with the delivery overall?
We have a distributed method whereby our managers get in touch directly – “HR on Demand” – which works really well. It’s incredibly valuable for our managers to have an independent and neutral sounding board with a keen eye on labour legislation and practice. They also appreciate the flexibility and speed.

What are you most satisfied with?
Getting senior help quickly. The next step is to see each other more often to discuss trends and “weak signals” so that, together, we can work more proactively with managerial support. For example, we’re looking at developing a training programme together.

What results have we created/contributed to within your organisation?
Calmer managers who feel that help with a solution or process is always just a phone call away.

If you were to recommend Sweden HR group, what would you say?
Senior HR expertise on demand – perfect for a rapidly growing company.

Are you in need of HR-related support?

We at Sweden HR group have a long experience of both operational and strategic HR efforts. Please leave your contact details below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.