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Strategic HR with focus on goals


ARWIDSRO is a growing property company focusing on defensive grocery-based retail, service, public properties, and housing. Arwidsro is a highly business-driven property company that aims to achieve a total property portfolio value of SEK 6 billion in the next few years. This is a value-governed organisation that seeks to develop properties that create something holistic. The environments built should be of lasting quality and should make people feel good.

Arwidsro’s sustainability focus should permeate the entire organisation, its ways of working, and day-to-day decisions. Certification and the use of systems, methods, and tools should result in its sustainability efforts generating specific actions.



Arwidsro wanted to put in place a clear and strategic objectives management process linked to the business, the organisation, the company’s values, and its sustainability profile. In connection with the objectives management process, the company also wanted support when it came to defining and establishing a consistent salary setting process where all employees have clear, transparent, and trackable goals that work towards – and benefit – the overarching strategy and business.


Solutions & Results

Sweden HR group project-managed the management team when it came to defining and anchoring a process for setting objectives where the business objectives were broken down in the organisation with a view to generating benefit for the overarching business.

Defined and transparent goals (WHAT) for all departments and employees
Defined and anchored desirable types of behaviours (HOW) for all employees
A defined and anchored objectives follow-up process and tools for evaluating and calibrating performance and development
An established and anchored salary policy


Method and implementation

The project was implemented with a focus on flexibility and close collaboration with the management.


“Stop looking for expensive management consultants that don’t deliver tangible results. Sweden HR group provides strategic doers capable of delivering both strategy and actual tools.”

Maria Björkling, HR, Business Developer & Sustainability Officer at Arwidsro

What does Maria Björkling, HR, business developer and sustainability manager, Arwidsro, think about our collaboration?

Are you satisfied with the delivery overall?
Yes, we are most definitely satisfied with the delivery.

What are you most satisfied with?
We are most satisfied with the way the consultant listened to us as a unique customer/company, rather than just delivering an off-the-shelf solution.

How are things different now compared to before the collaboration?
It’s like night and day! We started out with a blank slate, and we now have an objectives management process and an employee offering that are out of the ordinary.

What results have we created/contributed to within your organisation?
You have helped us become an employer with a leading-edge employee offering, in all respects!

If you were to recommend us, what would you say?
Stop looking for expensive management consultants that don’t deliver tangible results. These people are strategic doers who deliver both strategy and actual tools.

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