Caliroots wanted to clarify their corporate culture to ensure continued growth and success through its leaders and employees.

Together with the CEO and the board, we took part of the business plans to, among other things, understand what kind of corporate culture that was required for Caliroots to continue to grow and achieve their goals. The company wanted to create Caliroot’s “Soul” – a culture-enhancing work in the form of a compass describing Caliroots as a company and employer; indicate a direction, where is the company on the road and what do you want to be.

We started the work together with the CEO and management team by defining desirable behaviors “how we do things here” to achieve goals and visions.

We conducted the project in the organization through interactive exercises and activities with all employees and assured measurability to avoid arbitrary performance assessments.

The entire project is measurable through relevant key figures linked to the business strategy. The results shows a big impact and an implemented roadmap that engages all employees.