About the Heart and Lung Foundation

The Heart and Lung Foundation collects and distributes money for progressive cardiovascular research and works for increased knowledge about the importance of research.

Today, cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death. Millions of people suffer and die from heart, blood vessel and lung diseases. Regardless of age, everyone is in the risk zone of this disease, but nobody should have to die prematurely.

That’s the dream that the Heart and Lung Foundation are fighting for every day. Thanks to support from the Swedish people, the Heart and Lung Foundation has contributed to research which, among other things, has extended the life span by 12 years for those who suffer from a heart attack. It also supported pioneering breakthroughs, like the pacemaker.

About the mission

The Heart and Lung Foundation’s activities had increased for many years alongside the organization. This meant that the organization was in a phase where operational HR processes had to formalize at the same time as more strategic work regarding organizational skills and leadership development needed to be tailored to adapt the organization to society’s expectations and needs.

The Swedish HR Group assisted the Heart and Lung Foundation with qualified HR-competence through an HR interim solution which involved dedicated consultancy on-site a couple of days a week and remote support the rest of the time.

“For the SHRG, it was a lot of fun and a great honor to assist an organization that has a vital purpose, with business-oriented HR work.”

– Sanna Schönwell, HR-consultant