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About Hjärt-Lungfonden

Hjärt-Lungfonden collects and distributes money for winning heart-lung research and works to increase knowledge of the importance of this research.

Today, more people die of cardiovascular disease than anything else. Millions of people are afflicted, suffer and die from heart, vascular and lung disease. Young, old. Everyone can be afflicted. But no one should have to die prematurely.

That is the dream Hjärt-Lungfonden is fighting for every day. Thanks to gifts from the Swedish people, Hjärt-Lungfonden has contributed to research that, among other things, extended the life span by 12 extra years for those affected by heart attacks and supported pioneering breakthroughs, as the pacemaker.


About the assignment

Hjärt-Lungfonden’s operations had been growing for many years and so was the organization. This meant that the organization was at a stage where operational HR processes needed to be formalized at the same time as more strategic work on organizational, skills and leadership development needed to be done in order to adjust the business to the expectations and needs of the outside world.

Against this background, Sweden HR Group has assisted the Hjärt-lungfonden with qualified HR competence through an HR interim solution which involved dedicated on-site consultancy a couple of days a week and off-site support the rest of the time.


”For SHRG, it’s a lot of fun and you feel honored to be able to assist an organization, that works for such a vital purpose, with business-oriented HR.”

Sanna Schönwell, HR Consultant

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