HR Interim

We provide the opportunity to hire an HR-manager on-site during a transitional period, such as restructuring and/or temporary vacancy. We always work in teams, which means that our clients have access to our entire human capital, not “only” the on-site HR-consultant.

Our HR-consultants have extensive experience in both operational and strategic work, meaning that they contribute from day one.

HR Strategy

We support our clients in their transformational work within organizational development. This includes management team development and organizational structure, performance management, corporate and organizational culture, strategic competence management, HR sustainability issues, employer branding and HR due diligence.

We make change happen. We support HR-personnel and/or the CEO with the development and implementation of an HR strategy that is adapted to your business model

HR Training

Sweden HR Group offers tailor-made HR-oriented training for managers and leaders, such as a manager’s toolbox, goal management, corporate culture, recruitment techniques, work environment and labor law training.

We educate and offer lectures for HR-professionals through our education partners. We have a substantial HR network, including HR managers and directors, which we organize networking events for.

HR On Demand

HR On Demand is a CEO and executive-level support service within operational HR work. It can be in regards to labor law, union contracts and negotiations, contractual matters regarding employment conditions, issues regarding termination and/or other employment exits.

The service is highly customizable and flexible – it is completely controlled by your needs. As a client, you will have one dedicated Sweden HR Group employee who handles your case.